Short-term Loans


New Leaf Funding LLC is an expert in the Small Business lending industry! We will provide you access to strategic short-term loans.

These short-term loans are designed to be an influx of capital for rapid growth! Remember: Fast. Easy. Simple. Our credible loan company is ready to help fund your business!

For cost-effective short-term loans, count on New Leaf Funding to provide the funds you need. Our programs range up to 24-month short term loans where business owners make automatic payments daily, from Monday to Friday from their business bank account.
As an example, if a business owner has a monthly bill of $1,000, that $1,000 will be divided by the number of days in the month. This number is typically 21 business days. Essentially, $1,000 divided by 21 business days equals a daily payment of $47.61.
There are a number of advantages to using this system versus a traditional loan. For one, it allows you to free up cash flow as well as compound any earnings from the original influx of capital to maximize the benefits of the short-term loan. Additionally, a short term loan is just that, short term. This allows a business owner to get rid of debt quickly while leveraging it to obtain the outcomes they want. Finally, remember that as a business owner whatever positive short term impact these funds create, it is dependent on savviness and strategy of the business owner. It is the primary objective of a business owner to have lasting success.

Loan Qualifications

To qualify for our short-term loans, your business must typically have a monthly gross income of $10,000 or higher. Submit the previous six months of your businesses bank statements along with the application form filled out and our team will be able to respond within 24 hours to guide you through the process. We verify applications within 3-5 business days and typically fund between $10,000 and $500,000 for small to medium sized businesses.


Daily Structure Payments
  • 3-24 months

  • Minimum credit to qualify 500

  • Offers from $10k- $3.2M

  • Lock box (Credit card Split)

  • Fasting Funding Programs

  • Starter Loans

Weekly Structure Payments
  • 3-36 month terms

  • Minimum credit 600

  • Offers from $25k- $3.6M

Monthly Payments
  • 1-10 year terms

  • 6-8% interest rates

  • Minimum credit 600

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Offers from $25k -$350,000

SBA Loans
  • 1-5 year terms

  • minimum credit 620

  • Offers from $25k-500k


Debt Consolidation

We buy out all the debt and can reduce you payments by 50%

Asset base Lending
  • 12-36 month terms

  • minimum credit 500

  • rates from 12-14%

  • Offers from $75k -$1.75M

  • 50% Appraised Value

Line Of Credit
  • Minimum Credit 650

  • Offers from 20k to $750k

  • Fast approvals


Turning your invoices into cash

Equipment Leasing

Purchasing equipment and leasing it back



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