Program Information

SBA Loans

We offer long term loans that go from 1-10 years. This can be used to help your company expand, pay down high cost debt, purchase inventory or just use it for general working capital. With a minimum credit score of 620, we can offer anywhere from $25K-$500K, depending on your business bank statements. Rates for this program start as low as 6%.

Reverse Debt Consolidation

If you have any debt out with your business, we buy out all that debt and reduce your payments by 50%. This includes if you have multiple advances out. You gain leverage in making your payments while being able to make a profit.

Asset Based Lending

We accept Real Estate Property with equity: Commercial or Residential. With the collateral, we can give 3 to 4 times the gross profit of your business. We are also able to cross collateralize after looking at the property value. Terms for this program can go from anywhere between 12-36 months. With a minimum credit of 500, we can offer from $75K-$1.75M.

Business Line of Credit

With a business line of credit, if you are approved, you have the option of using only a necessary portion of the approved amount at your convenience. Use however much you need from the approved amount, whenever you like during the duration of the loan. The minimum credit score for this program is 650 and we can offer anywhere from $20K-$750K.



Factoring is when a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. If you’re looking for immediate cash, factoring may be the option for you.



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