Cash Advance


Merchants need cash fast. Merchants also need to remit in a convenient manner. While business owners see the convenience in a structured loan, other may have very volatile deposits. For this reason, the merchant cash advance was born. If you accept credit cards at your place of business, this is a tool that allows you to remit on a flexible basis and eliminate the stress of having to meet a quota to remit back funding.

Merchant Cash Advance

For cash advance and line of credit services, we simply ask for a completed application and merchant processing account statements. It’s that easy to qualify! The amount you are approved for can be funded within 24hrs, and the remittance schedule is absolutely flexible. Simply put, a small percentage of sales is automatically deducted from the processor in order remit the advance. Just provide us with your business' bank statements for the last six months and merchant transaction statements to get approved within 24hrs!

Commercial Services

Try our business line of credit, where you only pay based on what you need to use. You can payback your line of credit within a two-year period and keep renewing it without any prepayment penalties involved.

Credit Qualifications

All applications are considered. See if you qualify today.


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